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Permaculture is a Design Methodology

that uses ecosystems as a model to create regenerative and sustainable human systems. 
This holistic approach can be applied to land, social and economic systems. Permaculture is also considered a philosophy of life and a global grassroots movement, being recognized as one of the most powerful ways of creating positive change in the world.


Real world case studies of mature permaculture systems!

Learn how these complex systems are actively designed, how they function, and how they evolve over time by exploring our in-depth reports, interactive web pages & insightful diaries from our direct – action research tour:

Permaculture Systems Research (PSR).


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What people are saying
about out work

logo Kat Lavers Permaculture Designer & Teacher The Plummery, Australia

"Eunice's Permaculture Research Tour presents a comparative study of mature permaculture and land regeneration projects of different scales and contexts. This research gets behind the cliches to offer real insight into the logic behind each design, with a depth and rigour that would be difficult to match even by taking a tour of each property. Best of all it is presented in ...  

logo Graham Brookman Permaculture Designer & Teacher The Food Forest, Australia

"Designing holistic systems for a complex world​ is avoided by most researchers and designers as it requires the incorporation of a myriad of variables. But that is how nature works and succeeds, providing for redundancy, allowing genetic adaptation to occur as the climate changes, and accepting the consequences of change in the deep cycles of oceans and planets. Permaculture design ...  

logo Oliver Holmgren Permaculture Principles Pty Ltd

"Nice's research in documenting pioneering permaculture people and their projects looked really thorough and standardised. I was very impressed. I have not seen any research of this scale and quality in the field of Permaculture. I have seen some great research but it has been on small scales into particular projects or elements of permaculture. You have put so much ...  

logo Rosemary Morrow Permaculture Teacher & Designer BMPI, Australia

"Permaculture is always being asked for ‘evidence’ i.e. does it work? There are some cogent results but usually on an individual scale. Permaculture has long lacked a systematic body of comparative data.Without it, the case for permaculture as an alternative to industrialised agriculture, or being sufficiently productive, is weak. Eunice Neves in her three year detailed study of ten ‘organic ...  

logo David Holmgren Co-originator of the permaculture concept, Melliodora, Australia

"Ever since the publication of Permaculture One in 1978, the documentation of the results of my own practice in permaculture design and implementation has been a personal and strategic commitment to validating permaculture innovation and communicating the results. Through that process I have been painfully aware of how a lack of independent and supported research has held back the potential ...  

Eunice Neves​


Our Team

Our Team has over three decades of combined experience in permaculture design all over the world; as educators, designers, consultants, installers, stewards, activists and researchers.

Sara Wuerstle