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Origins of GUILDA

The word “guilda” (Portuguese for guild) refers to a group of people, plants, animals or microorganisms with related interests and goals that form for mutual benefit and support. GUILDA was established with the same foundation of cooperation and with the vision of resilience and abundance for all living beings.

We are passionate about the power, beauty, and efficiency of the natural world. We recognize that by mimicking the patterns in nature, all of us can create abundant lives for ourselves and future generations.



Cooperation is at the root of evolution and survival. We are committed to promoting networks of cooperation between like-minded people so that we can learn from each other to fast-track regenerative action.



We must go beyond the current thinking while learning from the past to innovate custom solutions that are both ethically and ecologically appropriate to each specific local and global context.



Permaculture is one of the most active and effective movements empowering individuals, communities, businesses and policy-makers to regenerate the Earth, build resilience and live sustainably.

Whole System Approach

We use ecology and whole systems design as the basis for for designing sustainable and resilient human ecosystems, which mimic the patterns, processes and behaviours found in nature and generate abundance for people and all other living creatures.

Permaculture Design

A Permaculture Design offers a whole system approach, meaning that the site will function as whole, because all elements are placed stategically in relationship to each other, which optimizes mutual benefit and functionality. This is intimately connected to the overall capacity of the landscape to sustain itself and be resilient over time.

Core Team

We have been part of the permaculture movement for over two decades; teaching, designing, consulting and researching in different parts of the world. We have lived and worked side by side with some of the world’s most experienced permaculture designers and practitioners as well as designed and implemented more than 70 permaculture systems of different scales and contexts.

Eunice Neves​


Our Experience

Our experience has show us that permaculture is one of the most active and effective movements empowering individuals and communities globally to regenerate the Earth and live sustainably. Therefore, we are committed to spreading permaculture’s whole systems design approach wherever it has the greatest impact.


Sara Wuerstle


Our Materials

For the past years, we have been developing various educational and research materials on some of the most successful mature permaculture systems in the world. This research has provided us with a unique insight into the application of permaculture design and inpired the creation of effective teaching methods for advanced skills development.




Trust in nature

Empower the creation of ecologically and socially sound landscapes that promote equality

Successful relationships

Accelerate the creation of successful regenerative systems through a cooperative and fair exchange of resources and knowledge between people at the stable and unstable edges of society (wealthy & poor) as well as between experienced and less experienced permaculture designers and like-minded professionals.

Empowering people

Our mission is to empower people to create regenerative systems by applying permaculture design. To do so we offer education, design and research services in ecoliteracy and permaculture to:
- Permaculture designers wanting to professionalize
- Professional designers (architects, landscape architects, engineers, planners, etc.)
- Decision-makers (councils, NGO’s, nonprofits, etc.)
- Universities and institutes wanting to include permaculture in curriculum
- People in precarious places (refugees, returnees, ‘developing’ areas, etc.)


Cultivate Peace & Equality

Instill in people a deep and true connection to nature that drives them to live in harmony with each other and all living beings

Promote Regeneration

Empower the current and future generations to thrive in their lives while regenerating and caring for the planet

Ensure Accessibility

Enable all people, independently of their social strata, situation or location, to live a healthy, fulfilling and sustainable life

Fast-track Actions

Inspire sustainable & regenerative actions through global networks between permaculturists, like-minded professionals and enthusiasts of all experience levels


Design elegant, effective and regenerative systems

Teach eco-literacy and “Permaculture thinking” through Advanced Permaculture Design for professionals

Publish & Share valuable research resources on Permaculture systems from all over the world

Consult, Guide & Empower people to design regenerative systems for their specific context

Connect practitioners and Permaculture projects worldwide to create active support networks