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Graham Brookman
Permaculture Designer & Teacher The Food Forest, Australia

“Designing holistic systems for a complex world​ is avoided by most researchers and designers as it requires the incorporation of a myriad of variables. But that is how nature works and succeeds, providing for redundancy, allowing genetic adaptation to occur as the climate changes, and accepting the consequences of change in the deep cycles of oceans and planets. Permaculture design is equipped to work in that space, with its strong ethical base and the addressing of all domains of human endeavour through universal design principles and a flexible design process.​

Eunice Neves has investigated established permaculture ventures around the World and deeply researched their designs to assess their level of success and the veracity of the design principles used in their creation. Years of travelling and working with the World’s top designers has created a treasure trove of knowledge she shares willingly.​

Eunice has developed unique physical, economic and social scales by which designs could be compared and offers a rare degree of quantification in holistic assessment, that can provide strategic guidance for planning the relationship between humans and the rest of the planet (…)”

Kat Lavers

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