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Rosemary Morrow
Permaculture Teacher & Designer BMPI, Australia

“Permaculture is always being asked for ‘evidence’ i.e. does it work? There are some cogent results but usually on an individual scale. Permaculture has long lacked a systematic body of comparative data.Without it, the case for permaculture as an alternative to industrialised agriculture, or being sufficiently productive, is weak.

Eunice Neves in her three year detailed study of ten ‘organic systems – eight permaculture and two without permaculture, provides the results and responses the permaculture movement requires to establish its claims.

As the world moves into greater chaos from global warming it is in dire need of flexible and responsive alternatives for living in general, and buffers against extremes. In all phases of human living, we lack models and information for this fast changing future.

Eunice, with her special mind and abilities, has already carried out a detailed study across two continents of a diverse range of permaculture sites and especially those which are long term, to establish the benefits and any problems of a permaculture design to living. We do not have time to rediscover ‘permaculture’ or its equivalent and we have the information already, being held by Eunice. She has meticulous records at a variety of levels and scale of considerable weight and importance to how we live now and also the next generation who requires such data and example (…)”

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